Home Automation

Our wide range of products cover all home automation needs, from CCTV security system to smoke alarms, proximity activating lights, sensors and entertainment systems. Most of our customers are referrals of our previous customers and we are very thankful to their continued support and recommendation.

We offer free consultancy in new home projects so that once the project is ready for automation and entertainment system installation, our customers don’t face extra expenses for modification of project. Our last minute consultation to many villa owners have saved huge costs and time and we recommend our services in the early stages of the project. A large number of our clients had old buildings and SNF was successful in deploying latest technologies with minimal alterations.

Our most sought after products for home automation are:

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Architectural Dimming Controls

Artistic (DMX) lighting Controls

Wireless Lighting Management

Efficient Energy Management

Enhanced Security

Entertainment & Convenience Systems

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